Saturday, October 12, 2013

C H A R L O T T E - A N D - L I L L Y

My loving Mother watching the new generation, Little Lilly 

U G L E R - I - M O S E N

 Fredrik Smisethjell
Erna Einarsdòttir

These guys has been going through changes lately, they just opened a new store at Grünner Lökka 
called Ugler i mosen, and I'm pretty sure this is soon going to be the hottest spot for people that 
are in to really nice second hans clothing, and on top of that they got a baby growing in 
Ernys little belly, so good luck until the next time im in town

M Y - M A T E S

 Carl Ahlstrom is my working/room mate, here he is making me look good from behind

its freddy that makes the stunt stunt


Aurélie Silbermann a newfound friend that just moved to barcelona

D A R R E S - G A T E - 3

S A N D R A - A N D - S E L M A

This is Sandra And her new Love of her life Selma,
I hanged out with them in september having this little one 
hanging on my back all day long and i loved it, BABY POWER

Saturday, September 14, 2013

K A R I N - A N D - U L F - A N D - K A R I N - A N D - U L F

Im back home at my fathers farm and gaining some energy after a hard week of school photography